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The Stereo Shoppe has been serving the greater Williamsport area with commercial and home audio/video for years. We specialize in the latest digital developments while not forgetting our analog heritage.

About The Stereo Shoppe

In March of 1993 Joe bought the sales part of Audio Services from Bert and Deb Smeal, along with the building at 900 Washington Blvd. Bert continued on with Audio Services and its core business of repairs while Deb joined Joe's new company as his bookkeeper. The Stereo Shoppe name came from a partnership forged with Dale Bingaman at The Stereo Shoppe in downtown Selinsgrove, Pa.

In the nineties The Stereo Shoppe built on Audio Services' reputation in sales and installation of car stereo. We had great installers and won some national awards for creativity and performance while selling most of the top brands. Joe used his experience in home audio to enhance this category by bringing in some of the top brands and remodeling the former apartment above the store. The upper level conversion yielded an office and four rooms with the atmosphere of a living room.

A lot of changes have happened since 1993. The car stereo business is nothing like it was because cars have become more sophisticated with less need for aftermarket radios and speaker replacements. The home audio business has also changed from stereo to surround sound with the option of whole house music distribution. As these two trends impacted our business there were three revolutionary products that totally transformed the way all of us enjoy our home entertainment. These developments changed The Stereo Shoppe's emphasis from mostly car stereo and some home stereo to our current focus on home and commercial audio and video.

The first change was a product, the DVD player that replaced the VCR as the player to watch movies. The DVD player dramatically improved the picture quality beyond the VCR and even beyond broadcast of the time. The DVD player revolutionized audio as well vaulting Surround Sound to the forefront. The audio output of a VHS player was only 2 channel analog stereo but the DVD player introduced 5.1 "Dolby Digital" allowing for true discreet surround sound.

The next two developments, a product and a service, worked hand in hand to dramatically improve the way we watch TV. The service is HDTV a vast improvement to an analog idea for broadcasting TV signals that was invented in the 1920's. These early ideas had to be turned into a standard so that all TVs could receive the signals, the standard was called NTSC. This standard was the only way to view TV until the FCC allowed a new digital standard, ATSC, that brought broadcast TV 80 years ahead in technology. Along with the service came a new product the "flat panel" TV in two formats, Plasma and LCD. At the beginning when flat panels were $10,000.00 or more, most people only dreamed of having one. As prices came down people's dreams became attainable making flat panel TV's the fastest selling consumer electronics product ever!

The Stereo Shoppe was the first place to experience each of these revolutionary products and services. Of course The Stereo Shoppe has always been the leader in all forms of quality audio; analog stereo, distributed music and surround sound. We also worked with the satellite and cable companies to introduce HD service to the Williamsport area. Nobody at the big box stores knows these products and services like The Stereo Shoppe.

In 2006 we moved to 36 West Lincoln Ave in South Williamsport in the JP Stone building. The Stereo Shoppe is poised to lead through the current revolution of streaming media. We introduced Sonos Radio, an incredible way to access radio stations from all over the world along with Pandora and other streaming music services. Sonos is very flexible and simple to use providing any music you want in any room of the house with no wires. Control for the Sonos comes from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android phone, computer or if you choose Sonos makes an optional remote controller. On the video side with certain new Blu Ray players or HDTVs you can stream movies from Netflix and other services.

Oddly there is another trend happening that goes in the "Retro" direction; Turntables. There is a resurgence of records being produced. You can go to FYE or Amazon and buy some of the hit music of today like "Adele 21" or historic LP's like The Beatles "Abby Road". We have always addressed selling and setting up turntables and phono cartridges for our customers but now we are selling more than ever.

Clearly if you need to catch up with existing technology or jump ahead The Stereo Shoppe is the place to go. We've "been there done that" and we are still doing it.

The Stereo Shoppe staff:
The Stereo Shoppe is "about" people, our staff and our customers. The first criterion for working at The Stereo Shoppe is a passion for our products along with music and/or movies. We are in this business because we love it we read the magazines, listen to equipment at home and yes we "work in the candy store" so we buy too much of the equipment ourselves!

Here is who you will meet at The Stereo Shoppe:
Joe Myers, owner; Joe started in this business as the second employee of The Stereo House in 1973. In 1975 Joe moved to Harvey's Lake opened and managed the third Stereo House store in Kingston (Wilkes-Barre), in 1980 he took over managing the store in Hazelton and finally moved back to Williamsport to manage the flagship store in 1981. The Stereo House was sold in 1982 and changed dramatically so Joe started with Casele Associates in January of 1983. Casele Associates was an independent rep firm based in Warminster, Pa covering the Mid-Atlantic territory including Eastern Pa, Southern NJ, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. During his ten years at Casele Associates, Joe was named National Rep of the Year by Sony's tape division, was awarded a trip to Japan by Sony's Accessory division and was given special recognition by Marantz in the 90's for helping to reestablish their first "high end" line since the days of Saul Marantz in the 60's. Joe worked his way to sales manager of Casele Associates managing total sales approaching $30 million. Mr. Casele sold his company in 1992 and the office was moved to Maryland and at the same time the opportunity to start a business of his own came so Joe opted to open The Stereo Shoppe.

Joe's passion is music, he has collected thousands of LP's and CD's and is most excited about the new Sonos Radio where he can stream channels like Steely Dan, Return to Forever and many more on Pandora and listen to Jazz radio from all over the world.

Deb Smeal, bookkeeper; When Joe bought the business from Deb and her husband in March of 1993 she stayed with the company. Joe likes to say "I'm the owner, she's the boss." Deb handles the purchasing for The Stereo Shoppe and does a great job finding products for our customers. During the times when all the guys are out on jobs she "mans" the store very well.

Deb is a singer in the band "Banned Together" and has enjoyed singing in other bands as well. She and some friends had a "Heart" tribute band called "Mistral Wind". The name comes from a song on the "Dog and Butterfly" album and was actually suggested to Deb by Nancy Wilson. When she is not singing music Deb likes to listen as she moves around her house and loves to relax to a Blu ray movie on her Plasma HDTV.

Paul Fink, custom integrator and ISF certified TV calibrator; Paul started at The Stereo Shoppe in 2002 just out of Williamsport High School and worked with us while he earned a degree in Electronics from Pennsylvania College of Technology. Paul will take your ideas and design a system to fit your budget while employing the latest developments in equipment and procedures. The Stereo Shoppe has always participated in training meetings offered in our industry. Paul has eagerly participated in these meetings and is always among the top of the class during testing. In 2009 Paul flew to Portland, Oregon to attend an ISF training for video calibration. Paul soon after took the required tests to be the areas only certified ISF calibrator.

When not racing his Subaru WRX in the SCCA sanctioned SOLO 1 events ( at the time of this writing Paul is leading his class for the 2011 championship) he is listening to digital music, watching movies on his perfectly calibrated Living room plasma HDTV and gaming and computing on his perfectly calibrated 50"(!) computer monitor.