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The Stereo Shoppe has been serving the greater Williamsport area with commercial and home audio/video for years. We specialize in the latest digital developments while not forgetting our analog heritage.


For years the way consumer electronics stores got the premium products they sold was by contracting directly with the manufacturer. Many times the contract gave the retailer exclusive rights to sell the products in their agreed upon territory. The rise of the internet combined with the proliferation of big box stores has changed the way manufactures distribute products. The big box stores still adhere to the original model by contracting with specific venders. Unfortunately, for the manufactures, the stores only "cherry pick" the product lines. They choose certain models to run in their Sunday newspaper flyer to promote as the "deal of the week". When you go into the big box store you are encouraged to buy the product they happen to be promoting that week because it is "on sale". Does this mean this is the right product for you?

The specialty store used to be forced by the manufacturer to be loyal to their brand. I recall my days at The Stereo House when we were the exclusive dealer for Klipsch speakers in our markets. Consequentially our competitors who sold Polk Audio couldn't get Klipsch and we couldn't sell the Polk Audio speakers. At that time a specialty store had to commit to a certain level of business and not carry too many conflicting brands then in turn they would be granted exclusive rights to a given territory.

Now the new model of distribution has liberated specialty dealers to have access to virtually all quality brands. The most significant change was to make the representatives distributors for the products they sell. The rep/distributor can protect the manufacturer by screening the dealers to make sure they have the technical skills and experience to represent the brand properly. The qualified dealer can have access to the full line of products one or two at a time as needed. Now when I need an Onkyo receiver I go to my rep/distributor in Reading, Pa.or if a Yamaha receiver would fit the customer better I have a distributor in Mechanicsburg, Va. Both should have the receiver in stock or readily available to ship the day I call. We still have our favorite brands; for instance Denon. With Denon we will purchase a large order directly shipped from Denon so we will have the popular models on hand. Our Denon rep/distributor in Elkridge, Md. will provide a source for special orders when needed.

Our objective is not to sell what we have in our inventory but to provide the best products to fit your needs.

We do have brands that are our "go to" favorites that we trust because we have years of experience installing and operating them.

Favorites; Denon, Adcom and Sonos
Others; Yamaha, Sony, Parasound and Russound along with various high end products.

Favorites; Boston Acoustics, MTX, Vandersteen, Klipsch and Definitive Technogy
Others; Loudspeakers are something best heard before purchasing we are confident that our selection addresses most variations of speaker needs but if you have heard a particular speaker that you want we can usually find them.

Turntables/ Phono Cartridges; Favorites; Denon/ Grado Labs
Others; Many other choices are available depending on need. We can address DJ turntables, audiophile type or the new turntables that will transfer records into digital files for burning to CD or to be stored as MP3 files.

Favorites; Panasonic and Sony
Others; LG, Toshiba, Sharp and more.

Favorite; Runco projection TV's for the true "home theater" experience with 92" or larger screens.
Others; We have access to many specific brands and models of projectors and screens depending on the use required. The Stereo Shoppe is the leader in home theater applications but we have experience in commercial, school and business applications as well.